How to Hyperscale Like Brex 🚀

Learn how internal tools helped Brex scale to $3bn in 3 years.

Video 1

Product vs. internal tooling

"We put in as much effort into creating great tooling as we do into creating great products. We believe that great tooling is part of the product."

Video 2

Building internal tools to scale

"If you're determined to scale, you should build internal tools from the beginning of your company."

Video 3

Brex's transaction simulation tool

"We created the simulator in literally 30 minutes. This tool is now used by every single engineer every day." 

Video 4

How Brex leads in customer service

"Our customer support agents use Retool extensively all day. They are able to solve problems with very intuitive UIs and buttons."

A Hypergrowth Story

About Brex

In the past three years, Brex has grown from 35 employees to more than 400 and has reached a $3 billion valuation. How did they do it?

Brex helps startups worry less about their finances and focus more on making great products. Brex was one of Retool’s first customers.  

We sat down to talk with Derek Stavis, an engineering manager at Brex and one of their early employees to learn how they're leveraging Retool to scale.

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