Shipping internal tools with less and less engineering overhead πŸš’

August 11, 10am PT

Learn how engineering teams use Retool to deploy critical internal apps fast without sacrificing flexibility or functionality.

Our featured speakers

Yuma Tsuboi

Yuma is a Software Engineer at DoorDash, an iconic technology company that transformed door-to-door food delivery in the USA, connecting consumers to their local restaurants.

Over the last two years as a software engineer at DoorDash, Yuma has built several business critical tools in Retool, helping DoorDash launch apps that dramatically save engineering time and scale with the company's growth.

Dhruv Mathur

Dhruv is the co-founder and  Head of Product at Little Black Book, a marketplace for India's creative customers. Little Black Book (LBB) offers a unique assortment that caters to over 22 million customers across India!  

In his role, Dhruv has speedily deployed several Retool apps that support  LBBs marketing and merchandizing teams, and empowered Product Managers in his org to do the same.

Dhruv will share how LBB uses Retool to deploy apps with incredible speed and simultaneously support various business functions.

Rohit Agarwal

Rohit leads product at Pepper Content, a community for 45,000+ content creators to connect with brands across the globe. Thousands of brands trust Pepper Content for their content needs, from ideation to  delivery.

Rohit has built dozens of apps in Retool, including a content evaluation & onboarding tool as well as several tools that enable marketing teams.

Ryan Jiang

Ryan is a Deployed Engineer at Retool, working with some of their largest enterprise customers in Biotech and Fintech. Formerly the CTO of a YC-backed SaaS company and a Statistics major at Harvard, he’s understood the importance of deriving quality insights from data to inform business decisions.

Ryan will be sharing a Customer Growth dashboard used internally by Retool to monitor account health and drive decision-making for Customer Success.



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